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A Special Assessment is a real property tax proportionately levied on homeowners and landowners to cover the costs of improvements that will be for the benefit of whom it is imposed. A large portion of special assessments are for road and sewer improvements. These special assessments are often billed in installments of 10-20 years. In addition, there are special assessments for delinquent utility billings, such as overdue water and sanitation bills and overdue weed control bills. These particular assessments are billed as a single installment special assessment.

Owners of property may petition to have the City construct the improvements. The City may initiate this action directly by passing a resolution to construct such improvements and assess the property benefited. For more information regarding the Special Assessment process, please contact the City of Topeka Engineering Department at 785-368-3842 or you may view the procedure online as outlined in Topeka Municipal Code Chapter 3.45.

The City of Topeka collects for all properties located within the City of Topeka. If your property is located in the City of Topeka, please contact Keya Downing in the City Clerk’s office at 785-368-3941.

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