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Charter Ordinance 113 amending code section a9-2 concerning the mill levy for the Topeka metropolitan transit authority

Charter Ordinance 112 amending the charter ordinances codified at tmc section a2-26 a2-30 and a2-55 concerning council meetings agendas and readings

Charter Ordinance 111 amending code section a9-2 concerning Topeka metropolitan transit authority setting mill levy cap until 2014

Charter Ordinance 110 Amending tmc section a2-30 concerning council rules of procedure regarding publication requirement

Charter Ordinance 109 Amending charter ordinance 94 section 20 tmc section a2-53 concerning conditions of appointment for a city manager

Charter Ordinance 108 - Increasing Transient Guest Tax for Sunflower Soccer Facility Improvements

Charter Ordinance 107 - Approving Mill Levy Cap for the Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority TMTA Repealing Charter Ordinance 101

Charter Ordinance 106 - Repealing Code Section A15-4 Concerning the Cash Basis Law

Charter Ordinance 105 - Repealing Charter Ordinance 58 Concerning Consumption of Alcoholic Liquor on Certain Municipal Property

Charter Ordinance 104 - Repealing Code Section A5-16 through A5-19 Concerning Abandoned Cemeteries

Charter Ordinance 103 - Amending Code Section A9-2 Concerning Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority

Charter Ordinance 102 - exempting the city from provisions of ksa 25-2108a relating to primary elections

Charter Ordinance 101 - Amending code sections a9-2 and a9-20 concerning metropolitan tranist authority mill levy cap

Charter Ordinance 100 – Amending code section a2-1 and repealing code section a17-1 concerning utility billing office

Charter Ordinance 99 - Amending City of Topeka Code Sections A9-1, A9-2, A9-18 and creating A2-18.5 Metropolitan Transit Authority mill levy cap

Charter Ordinance 98 - Amending City of Topeka Code Sections A2-1 and A2-24 and creating A2-25.5 amending voting rights of the Mayor

Charter Ordinance 97 - Amending City of Topeka Charter Ordinance No. A6-18 relating to Fire Department Promotions

Charter Ordinance 96 - Amending City of Topeka Code Sections A2-21, A2-24, A2-25, and A2-29 relating to the powers of governing body and Mayor

Charter Ordinance 95 - Exempting the City of Topeka from the provisions of KSA 25-2113 applying certain exceptions through charter ordinances

Charter Ordinance 94 - Relating to the change in the form of government for the City of Topeka

Charter Ordinance 93 - Relating to the filing fee and petition requirements for Mayor and Councilmember vacancies

Charter Ordinance 92 - Amending Charter Ordinance 90 establishment of council district boundaries

Charter Ordinance 91 - Exempting the City from provisions of K.S.A. 41-712 allowing Sunday Liquor Sales in City limits

Charter Ordinance 90 - Amending Charter Ordinance No 72 clarifying the redistricting process

Charter Ordinance 89 - Amends Charter Ordinance No 68 additional provisions for the review of bond issued projects

Charter Ordinance 88 - Increasing the Transient Guest Tax to six percent

Charter Ordinance 87 - Concerning the election of the deputy mayor

Chapter Ordinance 86 - Relating to the procedures for municipals courts, amending Charter Ordinance Nos 29, 36, 37, 42 and 48

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