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Citizen's Advisory Council

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Authority:  Ordinance 18382.    Purpose: The Advisory Council makes recommendations to the City Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development on issues described in the advisory council by-laws.  The Citizen/Community Advisory Council, because they work closely with  housing and neighborhood development programs, require backgrounds in construction trades, architecture, appraising, real estate and real estate development, property management, engineering, neighborhood planning and other areas relevant to neighborhood development.

Membership:  In accordance with City Code 2.105.040, one voting member from each NIA. Three members appointed at-large by the Mayor with confirmation of the Council.  One appointee must be from a low to moderate income (LMI) area not represented by a certified NIA, or be a LMI citizen of Topeka not residing in an NIA area.  At-large members must come from disciplines such as construction trades, architecture, appraising, real estate sales, public finance, mortgage lending, legal, real estate development, residential property management, commercial banking, construction material suppliers, fund raising, neighborhood planning, zoning, engineering or other disciplines relevant to housing and neighborhood development.

Term: Three years; not serve beyond end of appointed term
Term Limits: Two consecutive terms
Meets: Quarterly – 6:30 PM Holliday Bldg.

  • John Davis, 6/30/14
  • Jamie Slack
    • Appointing Authority: Mayor Wolgast
    • Term: 3/10/15 to 12/31/16
  • Brian Bookwalter
    • Appointing Authority: Mayor Wolgast
    • Term: 3/10/15 to 2/28/16
  • Kate Grover, 12/31/16

City Contact: Roseanna Haugen, 368 – 3663

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