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Board Of Building And Fire Appeals

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Purpose. The purpose of the Board of Building and Fire Appeals is to determine the suitability of alternate materials, methods and types of construction. The board has the power to permit exceptions, variances or waivers from the Code that meet the intent of the adopted code and will not endanger life, limb, health, property or public welfare. The board of building and fire appeals shall conduct business in accordance with City of Topeka Code.

Membership. In accordance with City Code 2.40.010, the Board of Building and Fire Appeals shall consist of seven members appointed by the mayor and approved by council. Members shall be currently licensed, or engaged in, or have substantial past experience in the following areas: licensed professional engineer, licensed architect, licensed commercial contractor, or other experience or professional work in a field related to building construction. The appointed members shall always include at least two licensed engineers, two licensed architects and one general contractor. Members shall serve two-year terms. Members shall not serve beyond the end of their appointed terms. Upon expiration of a term the position shall remain vacant until a successor is appointed. Ex officio nonvoting members shall include the city attorney, fire marshal, building code enforcement director, or their designees.

Authority: Ordinances 18382 and 19155
Terms: 2 years
Term Limits: None
Meetings: Meets on an as needed basis.

Board members and term end dates:
Chair –Toby Taggart
Vice-chair- Matthew Werner

Toby Taggart, 11/30/14; Matthew Werner, 11/30/14;
Dan Rowe, 12/31/14; Steve Mohan, 12/31/14; Keith Finney, 12/31/14
Tom Woltkamp, 5/31/16; Mike Wilson, 5/31/16

City Contact: Fran Hug; 368 - 1613

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