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2016 Budget Calendar

Event Date Day of Week Time
Discuss 2016 Budget Priorities1/20/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Discuss 2016-2020 Proposed CIP3/10/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
2016-2020 CIP and 2016-2018 CIB Adopted3/17/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Present 2014 Year End, 2015 Update, & 2016 Budget Kick Off4/21/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Coffee on Your Corner Public Meeting5/6/2015  Wednesday10:00 A.M.
Public Engagement Event/Budget Committee Meeting5/11/2015  Monday6:00 P.M.
Public Engagement Event/Budget Committee Meeting5/12/2015  Tuesday11:00 A.M.
Council discusses budget priorities5/12/2015 Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Council must adopt 2016 Budget Priorities by this date5/19/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
City Manager releases budget to CouncilBefore 6/12/2015 N/A
Budget Committee Meeting (Law Enforcement Center)6/13/2015  Saturday8:00 A.M.
Budget Committee Meeting (Law Enforcement Center)6/17/2015  Wednesday6:00 P.M.
Budget Committee Meeting (Law Enforcement Center)6/23/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Coffee on your Corner Public Meeting6/24/2015 Wednesday10:00 A.M.
Budget Committee Meeting (Law Enforcement Center)6/30/2015  Tuesday2:00 P.M.
City receives budget revenue estimates from County / State7/1/2015  N/AN/A
Budget Committee Meeting (Council Chambers)7/7/2015  TuesdayImmediately following the City Council meeting
Setting Mill Levy Cap and Publication7/21/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Public Hearing8/11/2015 Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Council Adopts budget8/11/2015  Tuesday6:00 P.M.
Budget must be adopted8/25/2015 N/AN/A

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